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Introducing the 2024 Xtrainer 300 2T!

After the model's early success, and the complete overhaul launched in the last model year, Beta is once again updating its Xtrainer in both form and function, further expanding the field of use of the most versatile bikes from the Italian Rignano sull’Arno based manufacturer.

Xtrainer is a bike that offers a simply unique package of technical equipment, performance, ergonomics and design, and for the new model year it boasts new graphics which highlight the shape of the recently redesigned plastics. The latest restyling gives the bike a modern and elegant style, for a ride that is anything but ordinary: in fact, it is eXTraordinary.

Thanks to unique characteristics such as first-rate engine tractability and outstanding rideability, the Xtrainer responds perfectly to the needs of all riders who seek a motorcycle that is easy to ride and practical, allowing the rider to feel comfortable in a variety of conditions. Inspired by the world of trials riding, Xtrainer can adapt to a range of situations with ease. Whether you are an amateur looking for your first bike, a skilled enduro rider seeking a less tiring and less challenging bike, or an expert rider who wants an extreme enduro companion, Xtrainer is the ideal solution. The motorcycle’s usability in every situation allows the rider to focus on riding and enjoy the wonderful world of enduro.

Lower to the ground than the big brother RR models, boasting a narrower mid-section and a power delivery that is easily managed from low to high rpm, Xtrainer has the power it needs to hold the racing line, but favours slightly slower and more technical routes where it can exploit its trials-inspired DNA, as well as the torque of its Beta 250 or 300cc two-stroke engine.

A recipe made up of simple ingredients, which are skilfully blended to give rise to an eXTraordinary result.

The key features of the Xtrainer are:

• Lightweight: at just 99 kg, it's a bike that is extremely agile and intuitive, even for novices.

• Seat height: reduced by 20mm compared to the RR range, allowing riders to touch the ground when needed in tricky conditions.

• Brakes: Nissin, hydraulic discs measuring 260mm at the front and 240mm at the rear.

• Battery: lightweight, high-performance lithium battery.

• Fork and Shock: R16V with 43mm stanchions at the front and progressive linkage ratio at the rear. The suspension can be fully customised, the forks offering adjustable spring pre-load and rebound while the shock is adjustable in terms of its spring pre-load, compression and rebound.

• Beta Progressive Valve: the Beta Progressive exhaust valve can be externally adjusted by the rider, allowing engine performance to be effectively adapted to suit any conditions.

• Map switch device with handlebar button: Two positions (Sun & Rain) for faster or slower engine response.

 Fuel tank: transparent tank with 8.8 litre capacity.

• Automatic oil mixer: located beneath the seat (which is easily opened at the touch of a button), it does away with the need for the oil-fuel premix.

• Soft tyres: their soft compound and aggressive design guarantees grip in every situation, the rider benefiting from responses that are less twitchy compared to a tyre with a stiffer sidewall.

• Cooling fan: although the two-stroke engines offer good thermal efficiency, the fan is mounted as standard on Xtrainer, to ensure the engine always maintains the ideal running temperature, even on slower trails.

• Electric starter: precise and reliable, essential when restarting the bike in tricky situations.

• Engine and clutch: derived from the RR, engine delivery is sufficiently tempered to suit the characteristics of Xtrainer.

Given these characteristics, and the improvements that the bike received in the previous 2023 model year (rear subframe, intake system, lithium battery, larger fuel tank and new plastic components), the main innovation in this model is the innovative electronic key, a brand-new feature on a Beta.

 Electronic key: a magnetic “kill-switch”-type key. The device represents an absolute innovation both for Beta and for the entire enduro world. The new electronic key is a security system that simultaneously performs both the function of an anti-theft device, offers motorbike and rider protection, and is an exclusive European Patent registered by Betamotor (EP3064405B1). It consists of two parts: one that remains fixed to the handlebars and another, magnetic (wearable by the rider with a wrist strap), which is disconnected to activate the mechanism.

Anti-theft function: as in the automotive world, the device precludes the possibility of starting the engine when disconnected, thanks to its code system that uniquely matches the key to the motorbike, deterring theft of the vehicle when left unattended. This adds additional security protection on top of the existing steering lock.

Greater safety level for the rider and motorcycle: with a similar function to the "Kill-Switch" device, the motorcycle is switched off when the magnetic contact point connected to the rider's wrist and the motorbike handlebar becomes disconnected. Shutting off the bike prevents damage to the engine in the event of a fall, and provides greater safety for the rider if they should lose control, or the bike is on the ground with the throttle open. Greater protection for the bike and rider, in a single solution, exclusively developed by Betamotor.

In addition, the following components are updated on the 2024 Xtrainer:

• Seat: the foam making up the seat has a different geometry and density to provide greater rider comfort, as with the RR family of bikes. The greater support area and different composition of the materials significantly increases the comfort of the Xtrainer while riding.

• Graphics: the new graphics are reminiscent of the bike's larger siblings. The iconic Beta red is accompanied by contrasting black and white elements in continuity with the style that the bike received with the previous MY’s restyling, but now even more customised, geometric and easily recognisable.