About Us

Established in September 1977, Vince Strang Motorcycles & Power Equipment originated through the partnership of Vince Strang and Mac McCulloch. Experiencing rapid growth, the business underwent multiple relocations to accommodate the expanding inventory and staff.

In 1989, Vince and Janelle Strang assumed sole ownership by acquiring Mac's share, establishing themselves as the exclusive shareholders of VINCE STRANG MOTORCYCLES & POWER EQUIPMENT. Embodying the ethos of "get it right 1st time," our business has consistently striven to offer quality products and unparalleled after-sales service at competitive prices.

Remaining true to our commitment, we proudly represent renowned brands such as KAWASAKI, HONDA, SUZUKI, BETA, and KYMCO for Motorcycles and Utility Vehicles, along with HUSQVARNA, GRAVELY and SPARTAN Power Equipment.

Our dedicated staff is characterized by a profound and precise understanding of our products. They take pride in offering guidance and advice to customers, ensuring informed and confident purchasing decisions.

Key Staff Members:

  1. Vince Strang - Dealer Principal with a background in motorcycle mechanics and extensive experience in off-road events since 1970.
  2. Bob Walsh - Salesman with a mechanical qualification and a passion for hunting and family.
  3. David Sutherland - Accessories and spare parts expert, also recognized as our in-house MX Legend S93.
  4. Pat Kenny - Long-standing team member specializing in spares and workshop activities, with expertise in fit-ups and assembly.
  5. Paul "Moose" Bailey and Bob Hallam - The Spare Parts Specialists.
  6. Janelle Strang and Juanita Campbell - Office Administration.
  7. Tony Baldwin - Workshop Manager.
  8. Jayden Polosak - Apprentice Mechanic
  9. Brett Steinhardt - Technician
  10. Jed Hallam - Technician

Vince Strang Motorcycles & Power Equipment continues its legacy of delivering quality and expertise, guided by a team dedicated to customer satisfaction.