Reviews and Testimonials


Hi Vince,

I thought I would drop you a line just to say thanks mate, after a couple of telephone conversations with you on how to improve my recently purchased 2018 DR650.The mods I bought off you did the trick from the seat mods, chain sprocket, front & rear suspension, clutch basket and all the other bits made my journey a real adventure over 6,500km crossing NSW, VIC and SA to back home up here on the far NTH NSW.  I couldn’t believe how simple this bike is to work on and how forgiving to back yard mechanics.

This bike is a real gem, never let me down and oh boy, so comfortable for this senior citizen that it put my Ultra Limited HD to shame on the bumpy sections.  You were right about the seat, 5 hours no problem, and that’s with a crook back.

A quick pick at the flinders were the bike loved everything that was thrown at it.

One very happy customer returning to adventure riding.


Paul Hunt

To Vince and the Team,

Just a note to say thankyou for your very fast response and delivery. I rang you at 3pm yesterday and the disc and brake pads I ordered were at my office in South Melbourne this morning. Thanks again


Ron Adema

Hi Vince

Just wanted to say how good the suspension is, your Ohlin’s is safe for a while.
When I first reassembled the bike, excitement got the better of me so I just slipped across the road into the extra tight root infested single still only in sandshoes, the fork was deflecting slightly till I stopped being so tender-footed, then it was great, the whole bike is really nicely balanced and handled all this bush could throw at it. It’s that good it makes you want to go hunt townies on enduro bikes on the weekend, but I sort of promised this bike I wouldn’t abuse it, not much anyway.
As I still hadn’t found the suspensions limits on the tight tracks and smaller erosion mounds, I headed out to the Horseshoe back of Bello for some big uphill erosion mounds. The usually rough dirt road out there felt like it had just been graded, then I looked again and it had been graded, no worries the transfer to Bello shire brought back the usual rain ruts and corrugations, which the DR again handled superbly, still plush at my speeds on the small sharp stuff.
The Horseshoe didn’t disappoint, but as I held the throttle on in third off the first erosion mound I had time to ponder, first how deep it had been scalloped out on the other side and secondly maybe I should have eased into the testing, as I braced myself, the DR landed smoothly and roosted off to the next jump.
I did find the limit of the forks a few jumps later, but still the rear handled it nicely and considering how far away this was from usual the adventure riding activity. Perfect.
The others even commented how good my bike was working and how well balanced it looks, considering how trick their DR’s are and I’m no lightweight, it was high praise for your modified standard setup. Top job.
Works great in rocks and sand too, you’re really onto something with these new settings
One thing to consider though, if a shock service and revalve, plus heaver springs in the front makes my bike with a hard 60,000km feel so good, for relative little money, consider the fact I’m no longer lusting over my fourth new DR. Not yet anyway.
You’ll never get a world war 2 plane if you keep this up.
Thanks again
Martyn Blake
Dualsport Australia

Hi Vince,

The clutch kit turned up this morning as promised and I will be back on the road by early afternoon, thanks to you. 
It wasn't all bad, as my misfortune with the bike resulted in this wonderful campsite on Fraser. (see photo gallery for photo)
Very much appreciated Vince and all the best. 

Morning Vince

In early May my son Jason and I successfully completed our double unsupported crossing of the Simpson desert on our DR 650’s. We left just before first light from Birdsville, spent a night in the desert about 300 km in. The next day was a relatively easy ride to Mount Dare only stopping for the obligatory swim at Dalhousie Springs .  After a night at Mount Dare Hotel,  we again had an early start and headed back to Birdsville, spending another night in the desert around 25 km from Poeppel Corner. I was the only casualty that day, managing to badly sprain my left ankle after a slow speed crash when cresting a dune.  The next day we had a relatively easy and fast  ride to Birdsville, delaying only once to replace a tube in Jason’s rear wheel after the valve was ripped off due to running too low a tyre pressure. We only carried a front (21 inch) tube which worked a treat.

Jason got up Big Red on his first attempt, blasting straight up the steepest face he could find, whereas I took three goes and a much more sedentary route.

Your advice and encouragement during the preparation for our trip was much appreciated and went a long way to making our adventure the success it was. 

VSM staff were a pleasure to deal with, always professional and responsive to our needs for parts and spares, even when our requests for delivery times may have appeared to be a tad unrealistic.     


Peter Jooste

P.S Jason is making final preparations in his bid to ride his DR 650 to London. He leaves at the end of June.  Oh to be young and care free again !

Thanks!! You guys have been more than helpful to a guy in a far away land. You have been very responsive to every question, from your sales department through the entire process. If I lived a little closer you would have all my business and I'd buy you a a cold one.

Doug Eier, Atlanta GA USA

Hi Vince,Took the DR out on the weekend with the new spec forks , wow what a difference in the way they soak up the bumps in a nice controlled fashion , thanks for your help, Cheers, Wayne

"Hi Vince, Pierre here the bike handle way way better I did some off road the suspension get hot but they didn't give up god she handle like a dream! I feel like I got a new bike this handlebar is fantastic no vibration even at 140 for two hours it's so much better feeling really confident for Simpson it's was nice to met you mate your reputation is true! And your team is awesome thanks again!"

"Hi Vince, I finally got to do a ride last weekend with the DR fully loaded, the first since the shocker upgrade and the gold valves. I’ve got to say it is a different bike. In particular landing after jumping off those water runoffs and also the front end in rutted conditions were absolutely awesome. 
Thanks very much. Cheers, Graeme Anderson"

"Vince, Installed the new springs front and rear set up following your instructions plus the new ranthel high lift bars yesterday. Went for a 120km ride today through local fire trails and you are right saying that it will be a completely different bike to ride...Thanks for the help
Regards, Paul from Gloucester"

Sam Beckett now has 10000kms on his bike and emailed us again to let us know how much he loves his bike. He had this to say about a recent ride...
"I commonly ride with three other DRs, none of which have suspension mods - one has a staintune pipe, and the others just stock bikes with big tanks - I've followed them down fast trails over mounds and through deep ruts etc, and you can see that they are wallowing and bouncing around - the suspension changes you made are a huge improvement, and completely change the character of the bike - it's always going to be a bit of a big heavy thing, but you can nevertheless ride it (almost) like a trail bike - some very steep and tight stuff in Talaganda NP on the weekend that I couldn't possibly have got through with the stock set up ..." 

"Hi Vince, All the bits turned up, and finally got around to getting them on. Just like to point out that steering damper is not just a gem but f***ing awesome, I would have bought this far earlier if I knew how good they were. Keep working on your web site, I wouldn't have done half what I did if it wasn't for your site. Your site is very helpful and you have helped turn a good bike into a great bike. I will be sure to visit your site first for any of my future needs.
Thanks, Max Stevenson" 

"Vince recently upgraded my suspension. What a huge difference! The trip to Philip Island and back for the motogp was a real revelation. I came back through the Barry Way, loaded up with luggage, and the bike was just great to ride. Thanks, Greg Evans" 

"Vince, As time/miles go by, thought you might like to know that I just couldn't be happier with this bike. All the little mods are spot on - the suspension is just brilliant - rode a friend's DR650 the other day, and was astonished by the difference. Live in a great place for big trailies - by way of example, a nice day today (after a lot of wind and rain) and work was squared away, so took it out for a circuit through the Brindabellas - aside from 5 mins of tar as you cross the Barton H'way, all dirt roads - mix of open stuff through farmland where you can give it its head a bit, and some pretty steep gnarly/rocky trails as you get up into the mountains - several stream/river crossings - still snow around up there - approx 350km loop, with endless variants - will stay overnight in Wee Jasper one w/e, and explore some of the tracks toward Tumut - endless ...
No complaints re' the big tank - a bit cumbersome at first, but you can get above it OK and I can't discern any handling issues - and the range it gives you just means you can take off for a day and completely forget about fuel - which is good when there isn't any ... Use a cheapie car satnav with Topo maps, and that works well - not lost yet, and travelling on roads (whole areas in fact) that I've never taken the car along ... Anyway, just perfect - got rid of the Dunlop 605 rear at about 2,700km, as the knobs were starting to split and I didn't want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere - 2 or 3mm tread left at that stage - now using a Mitas E09 - infinitely better - good suggestion - (probably pretty similar to a Dunlop 606) - some road noise when on the tar, but just
rips up those hills and handles the scree on top of hard packed dirt roads beautifully - if it wears OK, will stick with these from here on in. There you go - great bike - couldn't be better. Cheers, Sam Beckett"